A woman will always have equal power as a man. This is a true statement, as Alexandra Ratcova Gavrilovna, a 24-year-old businesswoman, fashion icon, and English language teacher, demonstrates.

This lovely young lady was born in the beautiful Republic of Moldova in 1998. She recalls her childhood as a time of pleasure and affection, but she also recalls feeling incomplete due to her father’s absence.

Alexandra was reared in a female-dominated environment, where she shaped her goals and decided to rebuild and develop her femininity.

Alexandra and her mother eventually relocated to Istanbul, Turkey, for her schooling. When they went to Turkey, the community she had become accustomed to in Moldova was quite different.

Life has never been simple for her, even though others at the time believed that those studying in Istanbul were privileged because it is a prominent centre for education.

Alexandra was a working student when she experienced becoming a waitress and continued to work while studying. After a while, she finished her five-year university program and graduated as an English language teacher.

She chose to visit Dubai a year ago, but after a few days, she realized she wanted to live in the city. Although she had no idea what to do, she was sure she would relocate to the emirate without hesitation.

Exactly one month after taking a short vacation, she relocated permanently to Dubai. In addition to teaching English, she became a social media influencer, creating content and motivating women to become the people they want to be.

Alexandra has created her fashion firm and is now working on it. Alexandra loves fashion and considers it an extension of her personality.

An empowered woman

The experience she gained while working as a student taught her how to be successful in life. She has learned valuable lessons in her past jobs that she is now incorporating into her new business.

“I’m quite glad to be doing this business now. And I’m thankful that I can do what makes me happy. Fashion has always been a part of my life as a woman, and I love having it as a career today. But, to be honest, I miss being a teacher again,” she remarked.

According to her, one of the difficulties she had was when she decided to relocate to Dubai. It was difficult for her to persuade her mother because she was trying her hardest not to make her upset.

“But now I’m so thrilled to see her proud of me since her girl is the only one in the family and community who traveled overseas and started a company in a different nation. I’m delighted I can look after all of them,” she excitingly shared. 

Despite life’s challenges, she believes these financial and emotional challenges are opportunities for growth and development.

Inspiring girls to be superwoman

Her life experiences, even at such a young age, are more than enough to motivate young people and women to create and love themselves more. To fulfill her role as an advocate, Alexandra continues to communicate with some females through the internet once she finishes her job.

“After work, I train and walk my puppy. After it, I begin my zoom sessions with those females that need assistance in ruining their lives and making better judgments. I am doing this willingly to encourage people since I am trained in this topic via the ICF life coaching program,” she told Dubai Vibes Magazine.

Throughout her career as a motivator, she looks ahead and strives to provide for her family, which she is currently doing. In the future, she would like to start her own family here in Dubai.

Lastly, she states that our thoughts and aspirations affect our lives. The vibration of our thoughts emits energy throughout the universe. As a result of the emitted energy, a return will occur. To achieve our dreams and ideas, we must regulate them appropriately.