Aventura Parks, Dubai’s largest zip line park boasts unique attractions spanning across 35,000 square meters of Ghaf tree forest. The park that caters to all ages, it’s a great escape from the bustling city where one can explore countless adventures and create unforgettable experiences in the wilderness! This winter season, here are four reasons to head to one of Dubai’s most loved parks:

  1. Leap of Faith

Conquer your fears and take the ‘Leap of Faith – the 5-meter climb and jump that pumps adrenaline for maximum thrill. It is also a hands-on experience of learning vast ranges of ecosystems and natural topography. A great one to take on as a team or challenge a friend or family member. You will feel liberated and strong after it!

  1. Discovery Play Area

With the trend of experiential teaching on the rise, there is a massive focus on encouraging children to be active and resilient from a very young age. Aventura is a destination for families and school trips – a place where children learn, play and grow, surrounded by nature and wildlife.

  1. Ziplines and Tarzan Jump

Conquer the longest series of thrilling tree-top ziplines spread across 166-meters and leap across the great 25-meter Tarzan jump. Different courses are specially designed to cater to all fitness levels with Aventura’s fully qualified coaches on-hand to help and guide on this unforgettable experience!

  1. Himayala Wall

Test your limits, and fitness; race your friends and family to see who can reach the top of the Himalaya climbing wall in less than 30 minutes. Get out of your comfort zone and tick off this bucket list adventure, that will be a core memory for life!