One of the greatest goals of an expat in the United Arab Emirates is to be granted a Golden Visa. This opportunity is widely given to those who excel and have contributed exemplary arts to the country’s welfare and its residents. 

It was a momentous moment for 43-year-old Bhupendra Bagla, an Indian photographer, businessman, and Human Rights advocate, when in 2021, the Dubai Culture and Art Authority awarded him a Golden Visa for his archetypal photography skills. 

Bhupendra had his post-graduate degree from Aston University in the United Kingdom. He comes from a business background and started his Dubai operations journey in 2017. His company serves organic wellness, anti-radiation, and other lifestyle innovative products. 

He has been in the metropolitan city of Dubai for five years and continuously contributes positivity and novelty to the country. His love for Dubai depicts his life on how the emirate molds him as a professional. 

Aside from being a businessman, he is also well known for his fantastic contribution to the world of photography. He is a multi-awarded photographer and he has exhibited his work at prestigious art exhibitions.

Journey’s prolegomena

Before discovering his passion for Photography, Bhupendra started his journey in various industries like franchising, food and beverages, real estate, lighting, and wellness. 

His past affiliations had molded him into a dynamic confident individual. This has made him adaptable to any changes, and today he can rightly handle multi-faceted work with was and confidence.

In his word, Bhupendra speaks, “Well, I am a self-taught photographer. I never wanted to become a photographer, but it happened by chance. It’s become my passion and also a stress buster for me. It’s more like a therapy for my mind, and I enjoy seeing the world through my lens,” he shared. 

According to him, when he bought his first camera, he had no clue about the world of photography and how to operate the camera manually. But, because of his patience, passion and zeal to learn, he’s today a renowned photographer.

He added: “Photography is a very challenging subject, and daily it is becoming increasingly competitive. In Dubai, there are a lot of photographers, and all are doing exceptionally well in this field.”

The shoot of hard work

“In 2019, I started photography as a passion, and now it’s become bigger than what I can imagine,” Bhupendra answered when he was asked when it all began. 

After discovering his passion, everything became enormous until he won many international photography awards like 35Awards, EyeWin Awards, Umbra International Awards, iPhone Photo Awards, and much more. In 2020, he stood in the Top seven emerging photographers by World Art Dubai powered by Nikon Middle East. 

In his three-year journey of becoming a photographer, he has successfully exhibited his artworks in World Art Dubai. 

Recently, “I have also exhibited at the Ramadan Art Collection 2022 at Wafi City Dubai, Through the Lens International Photography exhibition 2022 at the Burjuman Dubai and International Group Art Exhibition “I” 2022 at the Marriott Al Jaddaf Dubai,” he said. 

Bhupendra’s ultimate dream is to become a global name in photography and arts. He wants to exhibit his art at different exhibitions all over the world. As art has no physical barriers and it is a language understood all over the world. In the future, he wants to experiment and learn wildlife photography.

As a professional, Bhupendra makes sure that his work and life will be balanced. Since most of his time is spent with art and photography, he also loves doing charity works and joining different federations that uplift humanity. 

“I am also associated with a couple of NGOs in my country, namely the United Human Rights Federation and Global Wellness Foundation, and we do a lot of social activities and charities for the betterment of the human being and the society,” Bhupendra shared with Dubai Vibes Magazine. 

His charitable acts keep him towards self-development, which eventually leads to fulfillment and satisfaction. Now, he creates bridges between science, charity, and art. 

Life in Dubai 

Bhupendra views Dubai as a metropolitan city and a place that is very safe to live in. The emirate, for him, is well equipped with the most recent and updated technological advancement.

“Dubai has treated me well, and I have learned a lot while being here, meeting people from various cultures and backgrounds. Since the city is quite modern and has the best architecture, it’s enjoyable photographing it in my free time,” he said. 

When Dubai Vibes asked him if he would consider settling in the emirate, he said he plans to continue his photographic journey in the expat city and contribute to its multifaceted glory. 

He advises the readers to follow what they are passionate about and do what they love. It is never late to start anything that someone desires. Just do it, and the rest will fall into its place.