With the onset of Ramadan 2022, The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF), the Sharjah-based global humanitarian organisation that helps refugees and those in need worldwide, has announced a campaign titled ‘Who am I?’ to appeal for Zakat and general donations. The inspiring campaign calls on our humanitarian spirit without using haunting images of suffering or using the personal information of the initiative’s beneficiaries.

Targeting refugees and people in need across several countries, including Lebanon, Palestine, and those at the Big Heart Educational Centre in the UAE, the Zakat and donations raised by the campaign will aid specific humanitarian projects in the vital sectors of food, healthcare, and education. The campaign’s proceeds will go entirely towards funding the execution of these projects.

TBHF has emphasised that the reason behind choosing a specific creative route to convey their message for the Holy Month to the donor community this year stems from their belief that respecting the privacy and dignity of refugees and those in need is a humanitarian act equal to providing them with food, healthcare and education. The campaign, to be led by changemakers, thought leaders, artists and influencers, stresses that people do not necessarily need to see them in pain or misery to extend financial support to them.

“TBHF’s Ramadan 2022 Zakat campaign ‘Who am I?’ will tell the stories of refugees and those in need in a number of countries worldwide including Palestine and Lebanon, via known figures who came forward to celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month by lending their powerful voices to support the campaign’s beneficiaries. We will listen to their stories with you, and through your generosity, we will deliver life’s necessities they are unable to afford.”