Looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, someone to depend on and be with you through thick and thin, illness and health, rich or poor? It’s best to ask this 33-year-old American how to find that perfect someone.

Christiana Maxion is the President and CEO of Christiana Maxion Solutions. She is a native New Yorker who aspires to enhance and establish a beautiful dating scene in Dubai.

Her intellect stems from her diverse upbringing and experiences. Her abilities work together to achieve a goal, and despite the disparities in her surroundings, they compliment each other because of Christiana.

She began her professional athletic career as a youngster, traveling the world to compete as a springboard diver. She was a student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame until she had a shoulder injury in her early sophomore year.

Christiana received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Notre Dame and then went on to earn her Masters in Education owing to her love of children. Her teaching experience made her more creative, inquiring, and wise.

A professional such as Christiana might be called a multi-faceted empowered woman of her generation,  since she is always making a difference in society. How can a finance graduate be a kindergarten teacher and now the inventor of the dating app ‘The Dubai Matchmaker’?

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Christiana, who has a diverse and successful educational history, supervised and trained teachers with TELAL for a few years before being employed as a PYP Coordinator at a prestigious private school in Dubai. Her responsibility was to create the curriculum and policies. She was in charge of 50 employees at the time.

Despite my considerable accomplishment in teaching, “I chose to retire and pursue my real calling as a Professional Matchmaker and Certified Dating Coach. Christiana Maxion Solutions Lifestyle Development Consultancy is owned and operated by myself.”

She has been in Cosmopolitan and Ramona and is frequent on Dubai Eye Radio. She is the host of the Dating in Dubai podcast.

She is a book author, a licensed relationship coach, a professional matchmaker, and an entrepreneur, in addition to being a successful educator and broadcaster.

However, before these triumphs came into her life, she had to take several developmental stages. Her prior positions aided in her development as a person and professional.

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She has been in the UAE since 2016, after moving there from New York. Christian originally arrived in Abu Dhabi before relocating to Dubai in 2019.

For Christiana, starting a business is more than simply a one-night stand. She stated that she still had internal and beginning problems along the road.

“My earliest challenges were in spreading the word about my company. I am the first public matchmaker in Dubai, and with new business comes uncertainty. Many individuals were unaware of what matching or dating coaching was, offered in their area, or the advantages of these services, “She stated.

Christiana also stated that in the corporate world, “Work is continuous! I am constantly ‘on’ since I am the face of my company. When I go to a networking or social event, I see it as an opportunity to develop business ties or attract customers and members for matching or dating coaching.”

When Dubai Vibes Magazine inquired about her enthusiasm for her present position, she cheerfully said, “I like pairing individuals with potential mates. It’s an incredible experience, and the advantages that both people receive are a thrill in and of itself. It also earns me additional points in heaven,” she burst out laughing.

She feels that so many good individuals in Dubai are just missing each other, and she is one of them.

Christiana stated that her company had a more than 80% success rate. Her ultimate objective is to develop the organization throughout the UAE and eventually beyond the Gulf to become the region’s leading matchmaker.

Christiana’s match with Dubai

“I like Dubai, and I have no plans to leave! Dubai has given me several chances in my professional and personal life. I want to give back to this city even more than it has given me, ” she enthusiastically remarked.

The seaside location is one of the most peaceful and appropriate for her. One of her favorite feelings is being in the ocean and enjoying the sea breeze with her poodle on West Beach.

Dubai is a home for her, and she is thinking about living permanently there while developing her business and manifesting a television program about Dubai Matchmaker.

Christiana is a matchmaker for all goals, aspirations, and exceptional undertakings.