According to the report in the Filipino Times, Nakheel, the master developer, had remanded Deira Islands to Dubai Island to redefine the waterfront concept. 

The area will be developed in the 2040 Urban Master Plan, which will bring 100 hotels, affordable properties, and luxury units. 

This 17 square kilometers area comprises five islands and reinforces the emirate’s position as a global destination of choice for residents, investors, and even tourists. 

“Dubai Islands are an integral part of the future vision for the emirate, focusing on enhancing the health, happiness, and wellbeing of residents and visitors, as well as providing the highest standards and variety of urban infrastructure and facilities,” Naaman Atallah, chief executive officer, at Nakheel said.

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan includes well-connected islands with water and road transportation pathways, walking, and biking.