Having a driving license in the UAE makes it easier to obtain an international driving licence (IDL), especially if you are planning a vacation outside the country and want to drive a car legally.

In just one year, the IDL has gained worldwide recognition. The function of the IDL, according to the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE), is to allow law enforcement and other authorities in different countries to read the license in their own language.

Holders of this IDL can use it in multiple countries as long as it is valid.

Residents can obtain the IDL in under 30 minutes if they go in person to the club’s offices or Emirates Post Offices across the UAE, according to AATCUAE.

Online applications are also available, but they will take five working days to be delivered to the requested address.

On the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website, Dubai residents can apply for the IDL in five minutes.

The only documents required are the UAE driving license, Emirates ID, and passport-size photos.

IDL costs AED177 with an additional fee of AED20 for knowledge and innovation fees.

The license can be obtained from the customer happiness centers in Deira or Al Barsha.

If you want the IDL delivered to you in Dubai, it will cost you AED200 for standard delivery. It costs AED35 to have it delivered the same day. AED50 will be charged for delivery within two hours.