On Saturday, Al Wasl will be brought back to life in dramatic fashion, with guests treated to a magnificent and skillful show of dazzling visual and evocative music as the sun sets.

Expo Metropolis Dubai opens a new chapter with the restoration of Expo 2020 Dubai’s nightly “Awakening of Al Wasl” at 18:15 (after evening prayer) – a celebration of the collaborative, creative, and hopeful attitude of this future-driven city.

Al Wasl’s 360-degree projection surface, the beating heart of Expo 2020 and now Expo City Dubai, will immerse visitors in a captivating visual theatre, integrating awe-inspiring technology with some of the world’s most creative minds and reflecting the UAE’s deep-rooted values and aspirations.

Al Wasl projections will take place five evenings a week from Wednesday to Sunday and are open to all visitors, free of charge.