French expat honoured in Dubai for handing over AED110,000 cash found in a public place

Dubai is a city of diverse cultures and nationalities, and one of its residents has recently made headlines for all the right reasons. French expat, Luc Ziyad Majdalani, recently found a significant sum of money while in a public place and, without a second thought, handed it over to the authorities.

The amount of cash found was an astonishing Dh110,000, which is no small amount by any means. The honest and upright expat showed remarkable integrity by going straight to Al Qusais Police Station to hand over the cash.

In recognition of his good deed, Col Sultan Abdullah Al Owais, acting director of Al Qusais Police Station, presented Majdalani with a certificate of appreciation and the Dubai Police’s privilege card ‘Esaad’ in a brief ceremony. He praised Majdalani for his honest and civic-minded actions, stating that it was a model for others to follow.

Majdalani’s act of honesty serves as a reminder that it’s important to be mindful of the values we hold dear, even when no one is watching. His actions show that despite the challenges and temptations that come with modern life, people can still uphold the values of honesty and integrity.

The ceremony not only recognised Majdalani’s honesty but also highlighted the efforts of the Dubai Police to promote safety and security in the emirate. The gesture of appreciation from the authorities also sends a message to the community that acts of honesty and integrity are not only appreciated but also rewarded.

In a time where news headlines often portray negative stories, Luc Ziyad Majdalani’s honest and selfless act serves as an inspiring example of how people can do good in the world. His actions have not only restored faith in humanity but also reinforced the UAE’s image as a safe and secure place to live.