The magazine is an insert in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.  A successful edition about Greece with a successful international title like Harper’s Bazaar.

Next year 2023, Greece Now magazine will be the luxury travel guide in two big titles…Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Conde Nast Traveller.

The aim of designing this magazine is for the readers to get to know Greece with its bright light, sun, endless blue sea, and sky, the country that can play an important role in modern history. The vision is to build bridges with other cultures and create human relationships.

Peloponnese, Crete, Santorini, Myconos, Zante, Corfu, Rhodes and many more are all magnificent places to go and enjoy the food, the nature and most of all the hospitality of the local people.

From all these places tourists travel to, it is very hard to make one their choice to call home. The beauty of each one separate beleaguers their heart into an indecisive trance.

As we all know, each journey starts with just one small footstep, a tiny seed sown by us, a dream to come true. So, our journey as a team began over a nice meal at night. We wanted to publish the best travel magazine about Greece abroad; to portray as much of our beautiful country as possible; to showcase the beauty in each corner of Greece in every place a visitor can go. Not only do we want to discover more of what’s in our own backyard but also to tell people about it.

At the wheel is Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis, a journalist and political scientist who has an international career in the field of media and collaborations with major media outlets.

On this international flight, the co-pilots are Vivi Andritsou, a luxury brand sales director who has been in the field of print media for almost two decades, and Nicholas Papavasiliou, publisher and managing partner at The Media Workshop Ltd for a decade.

This synergy of professionalism, creativity, productivity and friendship includes some more members as Filia Mitromara, Elina Yiannoulopoulou, Evgenia Chatzopoulou, John Seferos.

Experience Greece team are all avid travelers. They have collated some great stories and presentations of great people and businesses in Greece.

Culture, people, scenery, accommodation, tastes and smells are combined in Greece Now pages.

If we have managed to excite you more than the destination itself, then book your tickets and visit Greece.

We would love to see you here and live your dream of Greece.

Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis points out: “Many believe that Greece is not only what they have learned from the history books at school. Together with my team, we try to show that things are evolving in Greece, the country where culture and philosophy flourished”.

Greece is going to ensure you have the most awesome travel experience ever. It’s a haven of natural beauty and tranquility.

Greece has risen to the preferences of travelers from around the world. A destination ideal for all seasons invites anxious explorers to travel to any place and island and take a trip back in time and roam in the unspoiled nature.

The country may not only be famous for its vast beaches or feverish nightlife, but also it has imposing landscapes, famous caves, gorges and architecture, historical monuments, opportunities for alternative tourism and secluded destinations, and combines excellent mountain and sea, seeing at the same time.

Many attractions for the visitor:

Smashing routes, coastal and mountainous, rich history, tradition and flavors. Villages built of stone with impressive tower houses, such as the preserved Vathia, Kardamili, and picturesque towns such as Monemvasia, Areopolis, Gythio and Zagorochoria.

Beautiful coves and beaches, with sand or pebbles, crystal clear waters and rich marine life that includes sea turtles, seals and dolphins. Impressive natural monuments are spread all around Greece.

Alternative activities

Sailing, scuba diving and mountain biking, hiking or cycling on the special routes, horseback riding, watersports, cave diving, trekking and mountain climbing. Relaxation centers, massage, spa, meditation and yoga are in recent demand. If, again, you want to party at night a variety of venues is the best setting.

Where to stay

Plenty of traditional and newly built hotels, resorts, hostels and bungalows at different prices, depending on the location, the season and the services offered. Many room reservations are now made via airbnb. You rent the whole estate!

Before leaving Greece remember to taste olive oil, honey, sourdough bread, rusks, sphela, mizithra, siglino, lalagia, salted quail, diples, kourabiedes, xilopites, trachana, lupina, local herbs and spices, capers, salt flower.

If you tour Greece, you will discover beautiful buildings that have their history, neoclassical architecture and many of which have now been renovated, acquired new uses, allowing us to enjoy them again in new places that have retained a sweet, nostalgic and manorial character.

There is always something about hotels in neoclassical buildings. The majestic facade, the big staircase, the high ceilings and the wooden floors bring in an aura of the past, the glory of a bygone era. Besides the unmatched elegance and grace, these buildings create a sense that the layers of history and the people’s stories live through the walls. The Greek cities lights put the charm, the architecture the finesse and the modern technology, and thus the following emerge that aspire to welcome the visitors of the capital very soon.