The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has announced the launch of the Customer First Forum, which comprises virtual sessions scheduled on a weekly basis to respond to queries of the employers and employees in the private sector and UAE nationals seeking employment.

The Customer First Forum aims to listen to the feedback of all parties on the labour market legislations to help the stakeholders benefit from the Ministry’s initiatives and services and seek their suggestions to enhance direct communications between the Ministry and the private sector.

As the target deadline approaches to achieve the Ministry-led Emiratisation goals for the private sector, starting in January 2023, the Customer First Forum is designed to address topics that raise awareness of the Emiratisation resolutions, programmes and benefits provided by the “Nafis” programme to promote the integration of UAE nationals into the private sector.

The forum also addresses topics related to labour relations, inspections, procedures, and decisions towards implementing the labour relations law and raising awareness of the employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities.