The essential things to know about building charity while working

“If the strategy fails, modify the plan but never the aim.”

Many individuals believe that every ability that a person might have is fostered rather than natured. But, for some reason, Vikas Katoch, a 37-year-old Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Right Health Holdings, has always had an entrepreneurial mentality, and everything he does has its plan.

 For many young professionals, starting everything from scratch is challenging. They view it technically as a challenge. On the other hand, Vikas is passionate about making, shaping, and building things from the ground up.

This drive has led him to work in financial and strategic positions for over two decades. His experiences taught him to be appreciative and to develop his innovations. India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) aided him in becoming an intelligent person.

“As COO of Right Health, I am fortunate to be connected with several great start-ups in my two favorite countries (India and the UAE).”

Vikas earned his bachelor’s degree in finance in India and Australia, preparing him to be an analytical and tactical expert. According to him, the two things he enjoys the most are people and numbers. He stated that he enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

Past, Present, and Future

Starting a career like everyone else is not simple, especially in India, where educated and well-equipped individuals compete for the same post. Despite his trials and tribulations, Vikas never gives up.

In the past, he was associated with Foundation Holdings, an investment firm, VPS Healthcare, and Maxcare Healthcare in India. Most of his expertise has been in the healthcare sector, where he has managed several strategic projects involving expansion, new streams, new products, and new clinics and hospitals.

These earlier experiences have served him well in his current position as an operations officer. His abilities are knowledge and enthusiasm, and these values have the potential to have a significant effect on society.

“I desire to affect the well-being of society and influence people in a way that may benefit humanity and a health system that serves everyone, including the poorest and most vulnerable, and offers the great majority of services a person needs to stay healthy,” Vikas explained.

In the noble healthcare sector, he thought that servant leadership led to love. Vikas’s enthusiasm for people never ends when he serves them; he always ensures that each service is a kind of support with love.

This charitable man feels that spreading happiness and continuing to serve people in whatever manner he can make a significant difference in the world.

His ultimate goal is to secure the future of his family. Vikas was hoping for greater chances and a better yesterday. “I think that the ultimate objective of all goals is happiness,” he continues, “and we must continue to pursue what we love.”

Work-Life Integration

Aside from being a COO and a businessman, Vikas is also a generous philanthropist. He used to undertake voluntary work and create life and work as a team. His deeds link and network everybody in the circle, so the individuals he encounters are constantly inspired.

“Rather than work-life balance or life after work, I believe in the notion of Work-Life Integration.” Volunteering is a terrific way to stay sociable and make new friends. “Encouraging others to volunteer for social causes helps them de-stress and commit socially,” he explained.

Furthermore, his passion is to impact society’s well-being and influence others in such a manner that he may assist humanity and the health system reach everyone.

“I think that everyone deserves to be in excellent health,” he continued. This is my philosophy, and I live by it in business, managing people, and my personal life.”

Despite being a highly positive person, Vikas has many hardships and difficulties in life, despite the excellent fortune he obtains. When questioned about his problems, he told Dubai Vibes Magazine that he had had numerous ups and downs. Born into a low-income family and raised by a single mother.

“I am proud of that fact, and her narrative of tenacity and devotion has shaped who I am now.”

“I am fortunate to have an excellent family, a strong mother and wife, and a kind kid. They are my delight in life and will always be my strength.”

In terms of work, he stated that every firm faces unique challenges and must learn how to overcome obstacles and develop tactics that would help the company flourish.

Dubai Life

Vikas has been in Dubai since 2015, and he believes it is unquestionably the worldwide destination for ambitious individuals. Many people relocate to Dubai in search of changes that will improve their jobs and, as a result, their lives.

“I see Dubai as a place of opportunity only because of the UAE’s imaginative rulers.” It is by far the safest and most welcoming city. “The country never ceases to amaze us with its measures for the welfare of its residents, both natives, and expats,” he remarked.

Finally, Vikas regarded Dubai as a global city that constantly expands and offers the most diverse living environment. The emirates prioritize the safety of their citizens.

“You may go around freely at any time of day or night without fear of being hurt, mugged, or disturbed by anyone.” While there are tales of rags to riches in Dubai, there are also tales of recovering misplaced phones and wallets. It’s only in Dubai!”