The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has received three Asian Leadership Awards (ALA) in the categories of Excellence in Sustainable Water Management, Business Innovation, and Digital Innovation. 

The award for Sustainable Water Management was given to RTA’s Maintenance and Services Department for their Wastewater Management and Recycling project at bus depots. This initiative aligns with RTA’s sustainability goals, aiming to reduce water consumption and associated carbon emissions. 

It also encourages the use of recycled water to enhance green spaces at the stations. RTA’s Rail Agency was also recognized with two awards: the Business Innovation Award for Configuration Management CDE Synergy, and the Digital Innovation Award for The Rail Engineering Information Digital Platform. 

These projects demonstrate RTA’s dedication to digital transformation and the development of efficient transportation systems. The Asian Leadership Awards recognize outstanding business leaders and organizations in Asia for their commitment to excellence and innovative practices. 

The awards have been celebrating business leadership in Asia since their establishment in 2011.