Dubai Vibes Eminent Awards 2023 celebrated the remarkable achievements of individuals and businesses on April 29, 2023, at the Bristol Hotel in Deira, Dubai. The prestigious event, organized by Dubai Vibes Magazine, aimed to honor and acknowledge outstanding personalities who have made a significant impact in their respective fields.

The evening began with a red carpet event and snippet interviews for every guest. The segment was hosted by Irene Villaroya and Yalla TV. The event kicked off with an introduction, showcasing the journey of Dubai Vibes Magazine since its inception during the height of the pandemic. The magazine aimed to provide positivity and inspiration to its readers while showcasing the greatness of Dubai.

The Masters of Ceremony for the night were Hana Saleemdeen, a voice artist, motivational speaker, and fitness advocate, and the stunning Joti Blooms. They welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of the event in recognizing the achievements of remarkable individuals and businesses.

The program proceeded with the acknowledgment of the sponsors who generously supported the event. Plaques were awarded to each sponsor, including La Prima Flora, 1001-Chinagate Restaurant, The Philippine Supermarket, LM Exchange, and Eulyn Enojo, among others.

The event honored three distinguished guest of honors: Abdulaziz Ahmed, Managing Director and Founder of Safeer Corporate Services and President of UAE Commonwealth Entrepreneur Club; Her Excellency Laila Rahhal El Atfani, President of Women and Youth Empowerment Refai NGO-International Diplomatic Relations for AACID; and David Gerald Hirsch, Libraries Advisor of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the Dubai Vibes Eminent Special Awards. The first award, the Outstanding Achievement in Aerospace Robotic STEM NASA Mechatronic Engineering, was awarded to Lilac Schonberg for her trailblazing work in space technology.

Mary Grace Ramos received the Philanthropic Spirit Award for her selflessness and generosity towards her community. Marcel Oyson Velez was recognized as the Beauty Industry Pioneer of the Year for her lasting impact on the beauty industry.

Eulyn Enojo was presented with the Eminent Corporate Accountant Award for her outstanding performance in finance and business. Dr. Sayed Ali, the Couture Entrepreneur of the Year, was celebrated for his contributions to the fashion industry.

Engr. Roneth Closa, a woman of power and intelligence, received the award for Outstanding Innovation and Development in the Engineering field.

The program then moved on to the Dubai Vibes Eminent Business Services of the Year awards. 1001-Chinagate Restaurant was named the Eminent Restaurant of the Year for its outstanding haute cuisine and excellent service. The Philippine Supermarket received the Eminent Merchandising Company of the Year award for its philanthropic activities during the pandemic. LM Exchange was honored with the Best Global Money Transfer Service Award for its exceptional support to expats and their families.

Finally, the much-awaited moment arrived as the “13 Dubai Vibes Eminent Personalities” were called on stage to accept their awards. These individuals were carefully evaluated by a panel consisting of Dr. Loretta Sanders, Mr. David Gerald Hirsch, Mr. Jad Chehayeb, and Dr. Sayed Ali.

Among the winners was Aloysia Ogle, a South African Physician, Advocate, Author, and Philanthropist. Her outstanding contributions and dedication to her field made her a role model and an inspiration to others.

The evening concluded with speeches from the awardees expressing their gratitude and determination to continue making a difference in their respective industries.