Fuel prices have decreased for the month of April, which is good news for drivers in the United Arab Emirates. Following two months of price increases, the Fuel Price Committee announced a reduction of up to 8 fils per litre.

The cost of super 98 gasoline in April will be AED3.01 per litre, down 8 fils from March, according to the most recent retail fuel prices. The price of Special 95 gasoline will be AED2.90 per litre, down 7 fils from the previous month, and the price of E-plus 91 gasoline will be AED2.82 per litre, down 8 fils.

The committee in charge of setting fuel prices has been closely monitoring changes in the price of oil on a global scale. Due to rising international oil prices, the committee had increased fuel prices by 4 fils per litre in March.

For motorists who have been struggling with rising living expenses in the UAE, this decrease in fuel prices is a welcome relief. Residents who have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic effects should find some solace in the drop in fuel prices.