The probationary period is a win-to-win situation for both employees and employers. However, many expats in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) do not know how this probation works in the new UAE labor law that started on February 2, 2022.

According to the UAE labor law no. 33 of 2021 Article 9 mentioned probation, and it states that the probation period can be for a period maximum of six months. If the employer wishes to terminate an employee, he must give 14 days’ notice to employees on probation.

Similarly, an employee will also have to serve a 14 days termination notice if he wishes to leave the UAE.

That employee cannot get a UAE work permit for a time permit of 3 months, and if he joins a job within three months, then his new employer needs to pay recruitment costs to the old employer.

If an employee wishes to change jobs, he must give one month’s notice, and his new employer must pay the old employer’s recruitment costs.

Noncompliance of the notice period, the defaulter party needs to pay compensation equal to the worker’s wage due for the notice period.

An expatriate who leaves the UAE without complying with the provision of Article 6 shall not be granted a work permit for one year (MOHRE ban) from the date of his departure. However, the ministry may exempt specific work categories and skill levels from the ban.

Atty. Imran Khan, Legal Consultant in Bin Eid Advocates

This article is under the supervision of Atty. Imran Khan, a legal consultant in Bin Eid Advocates