As per the new labour law and its regulations, young people seeking to work in the emirates need to meet the following requirements:

  • Written consent of the parent or guardian.
  • Certificate of medical fitness for the required work issued by the competent medical authority.
  • The actual working hours shall not exceed six hours per day, with one or more periods of rest, the total of which shall not be less than one hour, provided that the juvenile worker shall not work for more than four consecutive hours.
  • The juvenile worker shall not be employed during the period from seven pm until seven am.
  • The juvenile worker may not be engaged in dangerous or hard works or in work that is by nature capable of causing harm to his health, safety or morals. Such works shall be determined by a resolution of the Minister in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • The juvenile worker may not assigned overtime work, or kept in the workplace beyond the working times set for him, or asked to work on off days or official holidays

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