The first bone marrow transplant has successfully performed in Burjeel Medical City. This highly advanced technological treatment was performed to a five-year-old girl from Uganda. The donor was her 10-year-old sister.

Following the 5 weeks admission in the hospital, the little girl will be discharged from Burjeel Medical City within a few days.

The child suffered from sickle cell disease and has undergone several hospitalization due to complications of her disease.

“The only curative option for this life-threatening condition is bone marrow transplantation. Prior to this procedure there would have been immense suffering for the patient. The entire care team here at the hospital, as well as the child’s parents, are delighted that the transplant will relieve this pain from her life,” Doctor Zainul Aabideen, Head of Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology commented.

As of today, Burjeel Medical City is performing a bone marrow transplantation for another child from Iraq with thalassemia major, a serious blood disease which requires regular blood transfusions and very expensive medicine for the duration of the child’s life.