Art enthusiast Lavesh Jagasia is an art collector and connoisseur based in Dubai with more than 30 years of experience in South Asian art. He is the founder of an art-publishing firm named The Serigraph Studio. His artistic view of life leads him to success as he integrates art and investment. Indeed, his mind functions artistically. 

He worked as an art advisor and owner of The Fine Art Advisory, artistically active from August 2012 to July 2015. Lavesh is also the owner of The Serigraph Studio, founder, and Managing Director of ARTIANA up to this moment. 

During his college days, he would visit various galleries, and arts shows out of curiosity. He had no direct influence in collecting art, and no one in his family or friends was into it. 

“I become an art collector by chance. One day, I am buying artwork to decorate my rental apartments. And the next thing I know, I have enough paintings to build a museum,” he said. 

The passion of an Art Collector

Lavesh describes himself as an art enthusiast. He remembered that he would spend time reading books, watching documentaries, and meeting artists to learn more about the field of art. He always makes sure that the painting that he will buy is something that he understands the meaning of. 

“I get to gain more knowledge about a certain piece or artist, whereas I get to enhance my social life with ownership. Most often, I would meet collectors like myself,” he added. 

He considered himself a passion-investing art collector, “I am very much grateful for having the privilege to personally interact with Indian art masters like S.H. Raza, Ram Kumar, and Jehangir Sabavala,” he uttered. He added that he finds motivation when he hears stories of the joys and struggles of the artists. That makes him appreciate the art more.  

“Collecting art for me is paying homage to the people I admire much,” Lavesh said. 

Art of entrepreneurship

Lavesh was deeply motivated by the vision to create an affordable and accessible medium for Fine Art. Through this goal, he established his art studio and called it The Serigraph Studio, where art lovers can avail themselves of a Serigraph. 

A typical day for Lavesh would be pretty hectic, and he never complains about it. According to him, now there are more buyers than available artworks in the market. In that sense, he currently founded the Artiana auction house, where people can see and avail themselves of world-class and extravagant paintings. 

“Luck and hard work are the attributes of my success. Everything is an opportunity that comes by as happenstance. I do my best with every opportunity,” he said. 

Honestly, this man of art has this great passion for collecting and appreciating the work of the hand. Thus, he serves as the epitome of knowledge and desire for wisdom. 

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