3rd Dubai Metro Music Festival comes to an end

The third edition of the Dubai Metro Music Festival has come to a successful close, having transformed five Dubai metro stations into stages for live musical performances. 

The festival was held from March 6-12 across five metro stations, and over 800,000 commuters who visited the five stations were treated to captivating musical performances by 20 local, regional, and international musicians. 

The Festival was organized by Brand Dubai in collaboration with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and this year’s edition was dedicated to sustainability, with several musicians showcasing their talents using instruments made from recycled materials.

Rowdah Al Mehrizi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication Department at RTA, confirmed that this year’s festival was successful in achieving its objectives of promoting environmental protection and ways to preserve natural resources. The festival is in line with the RTA’s vision to become a global leader in seamless and sustainable mobility.

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