5-time Olympic volleyball coach Marco Solustri graces Dubai beach volleyball event

Dubai UAE: Boasting more than 25 years’ experience, Marco Solustri is one of the biggest and most recognized names in world volleyball and on Saturday, March 20, he was at Kite Beach for the first-ever Beach Volleyball League tournament in the UAE with Esperia Volleyball Academy.  

Solustri trained and guided the players during the League, providing his valuable feedback and tips and passing on his message of hope and strength during these unprecedented times. It was an amazing chance for all beach volleyball players and pasionate fans in Dubai to speak with someone who famously built the history of beach volleyball as it is now known and loved. 

The large location is fully in line with all Covid regulations, with many courts and participants spread over not only the day, but the full tournament, ensuring social distance measurements are adhered to and maximum safety for all players and guests. 

Emma Limone, CEO of Esperia Volleyball Academy, said: “Esperia Volleyball Academy (EVA) was thrilled to have launched the first-ever beach volleyball league in the UAE, in proud partnership with TikTok, Kerry Project Logistics and Medcare. We  had an overwhelming response, beginning the tournament with 144 participants, with predictions of having more than 720 participants by the end of the 5th stage. 

“It is an honor to welcome Marco Solustri to the UAE and we’re so grateful for his presence and time, supporting our vision and helping our teams. We look forward to watching the healthy competition on Saturday and thank each of our 23 sponsors for making this possible.” 


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