6 Luxurious Bouquets for Your Loved Ones: the Most Exquisite Arrangements to Express Your Feelings

Since ancient times, fresh, beautiful blooms have been used to express love and tenderness for a beloved, and each flower carries some kind of romantic meaning. Here are six floral declarations of love: an elegant combination of luxury and love symbolism.

French Roses

Incredibly popular flowers and an Instagram favourite, French roses convey the ‘ impossible is possible’ message. These flowers are a perfect accomplice for a loving person who’s ready to do anything for you. To arrange such a bouquet, a florist uses premium luxury roses and carefully bends their petals in a specific technique. As a result, we get a larger, more textured, and unique bud. French roses go well in bouquets with gorgeous orchids or large dahlias.


Tender Tulips

The tulip is one of the most revered flowers in the ancient Arab world. According to the legend, scarlet tulips grew on the spot where a heartbroken prince died after being separated from his beloved. In flower language, white and soft pink buds symbolise tenderness, youth, and admiration for the beauty and charm of the bouquet’s receiver. 


Peony Roses

David Austin roses are the iconic flower of all lovers: delicate as a rose, yet lush and fragrant as a seasonal peony. The most expressive shade of peony roses is golden pink: when opened, each bud resembles the softest pastry. A peony rose bouquet will help you express your passion for your beloved and demonstrate that you’re ready to pamper them.


Fantastic Peonies

The legend says that both peony and rose claimed to be the queen of flowers – however, the peony was too lazy to open its bud right away, so the rose was crowned. This fragrant, lush flower with incredibly large and lush buds means many good wishes in the language of flowers: prosperity, victories, and longevity. If you give peonies to your beloved woman, you’re hinting that you’d like to have many children with her: after all, a peony is a symbol of fertility. Often, a peony bush can have up to a hundred blooming buds! 


Gorgeous Hydrangeas 

Hydrangea is an aristocratic, sophisticated flower, meaning not only love but also modesty, timid hope for reciprocity, and desire to be remembered. If your relationship with your loved one has cooled a little, give her a lush, mysteriously rustling bouquet of Dutch hydrangeas. The white shade of flowers will signify purity and sincerity, while lilac and purple ones – a mystery, flirting, and love play.


Bright Pink Mix

Arrangements that feature different types of flowers can also speak about your love. One of the winning combinations is dianthus, medium-sized roses, and orchids, all sharing a similar pink shade.


101 Roses

Probably the most common luxurious gift in the world of floristry, appropriate for the most important and romantic events in the history of your couple, is 101 buds of fragrant roses. They can commemorate your engagement, the anniversary of your acquaintance, or the birth of your first child. One way or another, it means endless devotion and admiration.


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