Arab World’s first Emirati cancer book has been published

The Emirates Oncology Society, in cooperation with the VPS Group, announced the publication of the first Emirati book on cancer in the Arab world launched in Expo Dubai.

50 researchers from different Arab countries contributed to its writing, led by Professor Humaid Al Shamsi, President of the Emirates Cancer Society and Director of Oncology Services at VPS Group.

The 480 page-book took 5 years to prepare, with twenty-nine chapters discussed the causes and rates of incidence, the most common cancers, the treatment challenges that cancer patients go through, and how to improve treatment services in the Middle East region.

The causes and percentage of cancers, treatment methods and challenges facing patients in each country, as well as prevention methods, were also discussed. Advanced treatments such as radiotherapy, palliative and targeted therapy and other modern treatment methods were also reviewed, and the book is an important reference for researchers in the region with regard to cancers.

The book includes a special section for radiotherapy in the Arab world, childhood cancer, breast cancer in the Arab region and palliative treatment. Special chapters focus on dealing with certain types of cancer, as they are the most prevalent and prevalent locally and regionally, including breast and colon cancers, in addition to childhood cancers. Cancer management in each Arab country separately.

The book also discusses the treatment of cancer patients abroad and how many countries, most notably the UAE, are able to treat cancer patients with the latest scientific medical methods inside the country.

Professor Humaid Al Shamsi confirmed that this is the first time that an integrated book has been published on the status of cancer in the Arab region, where some health authorities in those countries suffer from a lack of data and statistics. With cancer patients, this book will be a basic reference and a database, explaining that the idea of ​​writing this book came when he was looking for references and research on cancer treatments in the Arab world.

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