Bô Barbershop: The ultimate trend guide

Dubai, UAE: Newly launched Bô Barbershop is already making waves (no pun intended) through the men’s grooming scene in Dubai. Located in Dubai’s prominent Business Bay, Bô Barbershop presents a one-stop shop option for ensuring you stay on top of your grooming game.

With the New Year bringing new trends, the Bô team outlined what they think are the most requested and on-trend hairstyles for men in 2021. The team recognized three trends that have already started off with a bang this year – the Medium Skin Fade, the winter-friendly Comb Over Trim and the Taper Fade with a Slick Back. Read on to find out what 2021’s biggest trends are.

Medium Skin Fade: When your hair is short on the side, and gradually blends into the top of the head. This no-fuss, quick styling haircut is perfect for the man who is on the go.

Classic Comb Over Haircut: When you can choose the desired length on both sides. With intricate scissor work over a machine, this will allow your hair to move freely to one side, following your growth pattern. This hairstyle is ideal for the everyday executive!

Taper Fade with a Slick Back: This hairstyle typically requires a little TLC and a Pomade (Bô’s co-founder Oliver recommends the Hair Cream by Pomp & Co.). This style has a freshly blended neckline, with the rest of your hair scissor trimmed to a desired length using thinning shears to give the hair some extra volume.


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