Dream big, build boldly: Hendrik Van Der Ham’s visionary approach to business

Hendrik Van Der Ham is not just a seasoned entrepreneur but a visionary who sees the potential for profound connection in every ALUMINIUM STRUCTURE and concrete slab. As the Founder OF BRIDGES2000 AND FOUNDER, President, and Chairman of SEVENTH Worldwide, Van Der Ham has dedicated over a decade abroad, enriching his global perspective, which he now channels into pioneering projects that defy traditional business boundaries.

From his early days, Van Der Ham was captivated by the potential and symbolism of bridges.

“I’ve always been drawn to the magic of bridges. They’re more than just aluminium, steel, and concrete; they’re symbols of connection, possibility, and a way to reach what seems unreachable,” he explains with Dubai Vibes Magazine.

This early fascination laid the groundwork for Bridges 2000, which goes beyond constructing physical bridges to fostering meaningful collaborations and connections.

Bridges 2000 has been instrumental in projects that span from the towering peaks of the Himalayas to bustling urban centers, focusing on creating safe and sustainable passages.

“At Bridges 2000, it wasn’t just about creating safe passage, but about fostering collaboration and building something bigger than ourselves,” Van Der Ham shares.

This ethos is vividly illustrated in projects like the bridge through the Himalayas, which, beyond its engineering feat, provided children with a safe passage to education, fundamentally changing their lives and communities.

However, Van Der Ham’s vision extends beyond physical infrastructures to a broader commitment to sustainability and community, embodied by his latest venture, SEVENTH Worldwide.

“Seventh feels deeply personal. It’s a culmination of those core values—connection, possibility, and not just leaving a positive mark but weaving together a deep-seated commitment to sustainability,” he states.

SEVENTH aims to revolutionize how communities live, integrating respect for the planet with high-quality, sustainable living experiences.

Innovation lies at the heart of Van Der Ham’s business philosophy. “Innovation, for me, isn’t just about chasing the next big thing. It’s about staying true to a core belief—that we can build a better future TOGETHER,” he remarks.

This belief motivates him to continuously look at the world with fresh eyes and adapt his businesses in response to the rapidly changing global environment, particularly the critical challenges posed by climate change.

The key to staying innovative in a fast-evolving business landscape involves embracing both small achievements and their significant impacts.

“Sometimes we do not see the impact from afar of keeping safe, but this is actually the most important impact,” he states, reflecting on the broad-reaching effects of his projects. Through Bridges 2000, Van Der Ham has contributed to safety and connectivity in areas most would consider unreachable.

One of Van Der Ham’s significant successes WOULD BE the development of SEVENTH in Dubai, a city known for its ambitious architectural and developmental projects.

“Dubai AND ITS RULER BELIEVES IN GOOD OR EVEN EXCELLENT GOVERNANCE AND SO IT thrives on pushing PEOPLES boundaries, and that’s why I believe SEVENTH has a place there. We’re not building upwards; we’re building outwards, in harmony with the water WHICH IS A CONNECTOR OF LIFE,” he explains.

SEVENTH in Dubai WOULD BE REPRESENTING a new kind of ambition—one that builds a legacy for future generations by integrating sustainable practices seamlessly into daily life.

When facing challenges and setbacks, Van Der Ham ADOPTED AND STILL adopts a mindset geared towards innovation and growth.

“The biggest setbacks can often be the seeds of the greatest innovations,” he asserts. This perspective has helped him and his team at SEVENTH overcome countless technical and logistical hurdles, turning each challenge into an opportunity for creative problem-solving and innovation.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Van Der Ham offers advice that blends practicality with inspiration.

“Don’t be afraid to dream big. Find your purpose and embrace the journey,” he advises, “FOR ONLY DREAMERS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE THE WORLD”.

He stresses the importance of building connections and staying true to one’s vision, even in the face of adversity. His advice to bridge the gaps in knowledge, experience, and understanding underscores his belief in the power of collective action and collaboration.

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