Emirates ramps up operations for Eid Al Fitr with 19 additional flights across the region

Dubai’s leading airline, Emirates, has announced a significant expansion in flight schedules across the region in anticipation of the upcoming Eid Al Fitr celebrations. With more than 150,000 travelers expected to fly with Emirates during this period, the carrier is gearing up to meet the surge in demand.

To accommodate the influx of passengers, Emirates will be adding 19 additional flights to its schedules. Specifically, the airline will enhance its services to destinations including Jeddah, Kuwait, Beirut, and Amman.

For travelers heading to Jeddah, Emirates will introduce an extra seven flights from April 7 to 13, providing convenient connections to various destinations such as London, the Maldives, Colombo, and Karachi.

In Kuwait, Emirates will boost its services with six additional flights between April 7 and 20, catering to the heightened demand for travel to popular leisure destinations like Dubai, Bangkok, and Osaka, as well as facilitating travel to cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Sialkot, and Peshawar.

Furthermore, Emirates will expand its flight schedule to Bahrain, offering 22 weekly flights starting May 2, in response to increased travel demand to and from the kingdom.

As families come together to celebrate Eid Al Fitr, Emirates will also increase its services to Amman and Beirut with four and two additional flights respectively, ensuring smoother travel for passengers.

Passengers flying onboard Emirates during Eid Al Fitr can look forward to a specially curated Eid menu featuring a variety of savory and sweet dishes. From chicken biryani and lamb kibbeh labanieh to machbous and vanilla and rose mousse cake, travelers will be treated to a delightful culinary experience.

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