Exhibition showcases UAE’s commitment to a green future ahead of COP28

The UAE is gearing up for Cop28 with the launch of the “House of Sustainability,” an exhibition showcasing the country’s dedication to a sustainable future. Open from December 3 to December 12 in the Green Zone, the House of Sustainability, repurposed from the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2020, will offer a multisensory experience. 

Divided into three key features – Sustainability Oasis, Our Journey of Collective Progress, and Our Future of Sustainable Flourishing – the exhibition will highlight environmental history and the UAE’s net-zero goals. 

Public activities, including PopCop sessions in the Sustainability Oasis, will enable visitors to assess their sustainable behaviors and engage with climate leaders. The House of Sustainability aims to inspire conversations on climate change and the UAE’s efforts to address it. 

As part of the Year of Sustainability, declared by President Sheikh Mohamed in 2023, Cop28 will take place from December 3 to December 12, focusing on developing an action plan to combat climate change.

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