New Year’s Eve in Dubai: Timings and Road Closures

As Dubai anticipates its grand New Year’s Eve celebrations, Dubai Police has released a detailed plan outlining road closures in key areas to ensure public safety and the smooth execution of festivities. Familiarize yourself with the following table depicting the areas and timings of road closures on this special night:

Road/AreaClosure Time
Al Asayel Street4:00 PM
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard4:00 PM
Burj Khalifa Street4:00 PM
Financial Centre Street (lower deck)4:00 PM
Al Mustaqbal Street4:00 PM
Al Sukook Street8:00 PM
Financial Centre Street (upper deck)9:00 PM

These closures are strategically implemented in Downtown Dubai, focusing on popular locations such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and surrounding areas. The restrictions are set to commence at 4:00 PM, well in advance of the anticipated rush for the annual Burj Khalifa fireworks display.

Metro and Tram Services

While the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station is slated to close at 5:00 PM or earlier if capacity is exceeded, the rest of the Metro’s Green and Red line network will operate continuously for an exceptional 40 hours, starting from 8:00 AM on New Year’s Eve. The Dubai Tram will also be in service for the same duration from 9:00 AM.

Enhanced Safety Measures

With a deployment of 10,000 officers across 32 firework display sites, Dubai Police is prioritizing public safety during the festivities. In addition to support tents equipped for lost and found reports, civil defence, ambulance services, and police staff, temporary toilets and food trucks have been strategically placed to enhance the overall visitor experience.

Urgent Reminders

To facilitate the smooth flow of events, attendees are urged to avoid carrying large bags, which may require searches and lead to delays in gaining access to events. Dubai Police emphasized adherence to laws and safety rules, requesting the public to refrain from taking pictures and videos while driving.

As Dubai transforms into a dazzling spectacle for New Year’s Eve, the outlined road closures and safety measures aim to provide residents and visitors with a secure and enjoyable celebration. Plan your routes accordingly, stay informed, and welcome the new year responsibly in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant celebrations!

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