Tabby Your Taxi Fare: Dubai Taxi Rolls Out Flexible Payment Options in Exclusive Partnership

Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) has introduced flexible payment options for its transport services through a strategic partnership with payment company Tabby. This collaboration, a first in the UAE’s transport sector for postpaid services, enables customers to access interest-free credit balances and short-term installment programs.

The agreement aims to redefine postpaid transport services, offering a new level of flexibility in payment solutions, including those for limousine services. DTC CEO Mansoor Rahma Al Falasi emphasized the company’s commitment to integrating innovative solutions to enhance transportation services and contribute to Dubai’s goal of becoming one of the happiest cities. This move makes Dubai Taxi the first in the UAE to introduce a postpaid model for transport services.

Tabby CEO Hosam Arab expressed excitement about extending flexible payment options through the partnership.

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