The best biryani? It’s somewhere in Dubai

Dubai, UAE: There are very few cities in the world that do biryani quite like Dubai and the options seem endless. So, the question remains, where is the best Biryani in Dubai? Dubai Design District’s very own Mohalla has the answer to the heavily debated topic.

The Indian street-food eatery is home to a mouthwatering variety of biryanis for you to discover, ranging from infamous 24-hour slow cooked mutton, juicy smoky chicken tikka, to grilled spicy prawns and even the groundbreaking vegetarian-friendly jackfruit. Each and every signature biryani served by Mohalla is made with distinct flavours and different ingredients that set one apart from the other to give them the prestigious title.

No-Meat Biryani

Doubted by vegetarians and meat-lovers alike but proven wrong, Mohalla’s flavorful “No-Meat Biryani” really has no meat! The unconventional dish deliciously blends the meaty texture of tenderly marinated jackfruit with vibrantly spiced rice to create a scrumptious yet healthy twist on vegetarian biryani.

Chicken Tikka Biryani

For the chicken-tikka fans, Mohalla invites you to discover a blend of juicy smoky Chicken Tikka and fragrant biryani rice. Perfectly portioned Hyderabadi style dum cooked succulent pieces of chicken layered with spiced rice and caramelized onions. The smokiness of the chicken tikka adds more heat, aroma and flavours to biryani, making it a popular hit at Mohalla.

Prawn Biryani

The spicy charcoal smoked Prawn Biryani is every seafood lover’s dream come true! Indulge on spicy flavored prawns spiced with curry leaves and layered with sprinkles of fresh coconut. The flavoursome dish is cooked coastal style making every delicious bite burst with Indian island flavours and tropical spices.

Mutton Biryani

Classic Mutton Biryani is a staple in Dubai and Mohalla has perfected the infamous dish. Succulent pieces of marinated mutton are mixed with authentic whole spices and malt vinegar, served on a bed of aromatic rice with yahkni sauce to make the Dubai-favourite. Hosting an exotic array of spices and herbs, the signature flavors will melt in your mouth.

Mutton Raan Biryani

Sharing is caring! Feeding families and friends alike, Mohalla caters their signature Mutton Raan Biryani, marinated for 24 hours and then slow cooked to absorb vibrant flavours and melt in your mouth. Savour the flavours of India with a whole leg of lamb, smoked and served on a bed of aromatic rice garnished with fried cashew, mint and ginger.

Visit Mohalla in Dubai Design District to experience the Indian neighborhood concept of perfect ambience, apt interiors and discover the best Biryani Dubai has to offer.


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