Top 7 Items for Creating a Christmas Atmosphere

What can you do to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home? How can you fully immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere that makes Christmas a beloved holiday all around the world? Flowwow presents you 7 ideas that come together to create an unforgettable Christmas mood, with its heartfelt warmth, cosiness, and the anticipation of wonder. 

Tiny Christmas Tree

To get yourself into the spirit of winter holidays, you don’t necessarily need a proper, full-size Christmas tree. Tiny Christmas trees, charmingly adorned with golden cones and nuts, poinsettia flowers, and cute little bells, are all the rage now. You can choose a tree to match any interior: warm or cool tones, with a golden shimmer, or in contrasting colours.

Christmas Wreath

A festive wreath of fragrant spruce and pine branches, with cones, shiny glass baubles, and beads is a focal point of any festive arrangement. The entrance adorned with such a decoration makes you want to step inside for a cup of hot, fragrant tea. If you hang it on your living room wall instead, spending winter evenings there, curled up on a sofa with a good book, will become an even more delightful experience.

Candles and Candleholders

Christmas is a holiday when a bright star of hope lit up in the night sky above the desert. Since then, on the eve of Christmas, the living, flickering flame of the candle reminds us of how much we can do for one another. Besides the sentimental value, several lit candles in beautiful plaster or glass candleholders add particular cosiness and warmth to any interior.

Christmas Table Arrangements

On Christmas Eve, many families gather around a table for a feast. It becomes even more festive if, at the centre of this gathering, there’s a luxurious winter bouquet in rich, vibrant shades, with holly branches, clusters of red berries shining from within, large rosebuds, and chrysanthemums. Such an arrangement instantly puts everyone in a merry mood and makes adults look forward to magical times, just like in childhood.


Christmas baskets and bunches 

The Basket Christmas Arrangement embodies the essence of the holidays. It’s a woven basket filled with lush evergreens, pine cones, holly branches, and twinkling lights. Vibrant ornaments and festive blooms add cheer and elegance. Perfect as a centerpiece or a heartfelt gift, it captures the magical spirit of the season, bringing joy to any space it graces.

Thoughtful Gift Boxes

Christmas is a joyful yet demanding time of year. Treat yourself to a petite gift box and unwrap the magic of the season. A curated selection of goodies is aimed to lift your spirits and help you truly soak in the festive atmosphere. Whether it’s assorted chocolates with rich, creamy flavour, a fragrant candle with a seasonal scent, or even a notebook for your New Year resolutions, gift boxes capture the essence of festive warmth, making it a lovely treat for yourself – or a sweet gesture for someone else.

Festive Flowers

Intricately arranged blooms of red, green, and white hues bring a festive touch to any space, adding joy and elegance. Whether adorning your own home or presenting the arrangement as a Christmas party gift, the vibrant bouquet is sure to be a delightful addition to any celebration.

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