Travelers to Dubai will receive free Expo 2020 passport upon arrival

Upon arrival at the Dubai airport, aside from seeing great architectural designs, travelers (tourists, visitors, and residents) will also be welcomed with free Expo 2020 passports. 

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) will give 3,000 of these souvenirs at passport control. 

“Amid the optimism and joy which prevailed at Dubai airports, Dubai today started granting 3,000 Expo 2020 passports to those coming to the UAE,” it said on Twitter.

The EXPO passports are set as a souvenir for the visitors as they collect stamps from all the pavilions they visit. 

The world’s fair costs Dh95 per ticket, or Dh495 with a season pass. Among those who can enter for free are seniors, students, children, nannies, and drivers.

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