UAE holidays calendar for 2024 with 13 days off, extended weekends

The UAE has announced its public holidays for 2024, offering residents 13 days off, including four long weekends. The New Year kicks off with a 3-day weekend on January 1. The Eid Al Fitr festival in April provides a generous 6-day break. Arafah Day and Eid Al Adha in June result in a 5-day holiday.

The Islamic New Year in July offers a day off, and the date for Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday is yet to be specified. The year concludes with a grand 4-day National Day celebration on December 2 and 3. These breaks, coupled with annual leaves, provide ample opportunities for travel and relaxation.

Here is a table summarizing the UAE public holidays for 2024:

New YearJanuary 1 (Monday)3-day weekend
Eid Al FitrApril 9 to April 126-day break
Arafah Day, Eid Al AdhaJune 16 to June 195 days off
Islamic New YearJuly 7 (Sunday)1-day holiday
Prophet Muhammad’s BirthdayDate not specifiedNot specified
National DayDecember 2 (Monday)4-day holiday

Note: Dates for Islamic holidays may vary based on moon sightings, and the date for Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday is not specified in the article. Additionally, the actual dates for holidays marked as “not specified” will be announced by relevant authorities closer to the occasion.

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