UAE President Sheikh Mohamed allocates $3 million in aid for Palestinian town hit by violence

Sheikh Mohamed, the President of the UAE, has allocated $3 million in aid to support the reconstruction of Hawara, a Palestinian town that was affected by violent attacks last month. 

The initiative will be implemented by the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with the Emirati-Palestinian Friendship Club, as part of the UAE’s humanitarian efforts to aid the Palestinian people. 

The department recently met with a delegation from Palestine, which included the mayor of Hawara, to discuss the distribution of the funds. The violent attacks resulted in one Palestinian fatality and numerous injuries, with Israeli settlers wielding weapons and setting fire to homes and cars after two Israelis were fatally shot by Palestinian gunmen. 

The top Israeli general overseeing soldiers in the occupied West Bank accused the settlers of carrying out a “pogrom” and spreading terror by rampaging through the area. A “pogrom” refers to a mob attack against a religious, racial, or national minority that is approved or condoned by the authorities.

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