UAE unveils new mental health law with up to AED200,000 fine for violations

The UAE government has introduced a Federal Law on mental health, imposing penalties, including imprisonment and fines ranging from AED50,000 to AED200,000, for violations. The law aims to regulate relationships between psychiatric patients and involved parties, ensuring the provision of high-quality mental care.

It seeks to safeguard patients’ rights, reduce the negative impact of mental conditions on individuals and society, and promote social integration. The legislation covers all aspects of mental health, facilities, and related institutions.

It prohibits the provision of mental health services without proper authorization and outlines patients’ general rights, confidentiality, and protection from exploitation. Special health guarantees are provided for minor psychiatric patients, and dedicated monitoring committees are established in each emirate to safeguard patients’ rights.

The law defines various types of admissions to mental healthcare facilities and establishes regulations for voluntary admission, patient obligations, psychological restraint, isolation, transfer, and compulsory outpatient treatment.

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