World’s top chef Dabiz Munoz brings avant-garde cuisine to Dubai with StreetXO at One Za’abeel

Spanish chef Dabiz Munoz, renowned as the world’s best chef for three consecutive years, is set to open a restaurant at One Za’abeel in Dubai, known for his creative and eccentric culinary style. 

The Dubai restaurant will be a street food spin on his Madrid-based restaurant DiverXO, which earned its third Michelin star in 2014. 

Munoz’s avant-garde dishes, such as sheep yogurt with wild strawberries, cold poached chion chopped stick with roasted caviar, and iced pizza margherita, have garnered international acclaim. 

StreetXO in Dubai will preserve the DNA of the restaurant but offer exclusive dishes and ingredient modifications. Munoz views Dubai as a growing and competitive culinary destination, drawing parallels with other major cultural and food centers. 

He believes in the city’s potential and expresses a commitment to creating a successful restaurant in the competitive culinary landscape of Dubai.

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