24th St. – the world’s street foods with a touch of class

By Joshua Trias

Dubai, UAE: 24th St. is a dining concept that has been a long time coming.  The ambience will strike you as being in an alley with live cooking stations everywhere and mouth-watering delicacies feeding hungry eyes and excited bellies. 

The place gives you that feeling of being in a food row somewhere in Hong Kong or Bangkok, even Prague or Brussels – but you’re not. You’re right in the middle of Dubai, instead; 24th St. on the 24th floor of Dusit Thani along Sheikh Zayed Road to be exact. 

24th St gives casual dining a whole new meaning for the gastronomically inclined: “It has a touch of class,” says Mina Hana, restaurant manager who walked as through their bestsellers as we sampled the artsy restaurant’s spread that the staff, among them Nita and Rachel, gladly served with all enthusiasm. 

The place is like having the world’s dining table in one cozy corner of a street. Of particular interest is the Indian cuisine… so real you’d think you’re in Delhi. No wonder, my Indian friends have always kept asking me for a nice evening at 24th St. 

Here are some of the top choices that we recommend you indulge in: Galbi Gangnam-style (we went for the marinated chicken and it was heavenly!); Singapore Laksa with just enough creamy coconut milk on prawns, quail egg and tofu; the Kung Fu Kung Pao from Sichuan is a must! Top starters also include Salmon Avo-Noa Roll and the luscious Amritsari Fish & Chips. 

While in there, grab some orders of Tandoori Ajwain Prawns and get ready for a big surprise; dig in as well on the K-Pop Bibimpap topped by a slow braised beef brisket and poached egg, and enjoy Beirut-style mixed kebabs. 

Indeed, 24th St is street food with a touch of luxury. They thought of everything: The presentation is great; the taste, divine; the view, skyline. Marking my calendar for our next visit. See you there!  


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