Abu Dhabi Airport forecasts over 22 million travelers in 2023 with inauguration of Terminal A

Abu Dhabi Airport is expected to welcome over 22 million travelers by the end of 2023, as stated by Elena Sorlini, Managing Director and Interim CEO of Abu Dhabi Airports. The inauguration of Terminal A solidifies Abu Dhabi’s position as a global gateway and strategic hub for tourism and trade. 

Winter is anticipated to see increased demand, coinciding with major events like the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and COP28, with around 2.29 million travelers expected in December alone. 

The airport has experienced a 49% growth in passenger numbers since October compared to the same period last year. Terminal A, designed for 45 million passengers annually, aims to reach full capacity soon, supporting Etihad Airways’ plan to triple passenger numbers by 2030. 

The top destinations include Mumbai, London, Kochi, Delhi, and Doha. Terminal A, with advanced facilities, will accommodate 79 planes at once and 11,000 passengers per hour, enhancing the overall travel experience.

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