Abu Dhabi customs introduces advanced AI scanners for swift border crossings at Al Ain

Abu Dhabi Customs has introduced advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) scanners at Al Ain, a city bordering Oman, aiming to streamline border inspections effectively.

The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs recently completed a project to equip the Khatm Al Shiklah and Mezyad customs centres, crucial checkpoints for travel between the UAE and Oman, with seven cutting-edge X-ray scanning devices.

These globally advanced scanners, supported by two central control and operation rooms, are designed to enhance the efficiency of customs processing, benefiting tourists and facilitating trade routes. The new technology allows for rapid non-stop scanning, with a remarkable capacity to handle up to 100 trucks, 150 tourist vehicles, and 150 buses per hour.

This marks a significant technological advancement in the UAE’s customs infrastructure, aimed at expediting border crossings and ensuring smoother travel experiences.

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