Abu Dhabi-India passenger tied to seat after attacking cabin crew

During the flight from Abu Dhabi to India, and Italian woman was tied in her seat after allegedly attacking a cabin crew. 

A passenger on an Abu Dhabi-India flight allegedly assaulted cabin crew after being told to leave a business class seat.

On a Vistara flight to Mumbai on Monday, the Italian woman was accused of punching one member of staff and spitting on another.

According to media reports in India, she had to be tied to her seat due to her disruptive behavior.

It said the dispute began when a crew member objected to her leaving economy class to sit in business class.

The passenger’s lawyer denied the allegations, calling them untrue.

He told the BBC that her client was uncomfortable in her seat and requested that she be moved to a vacant one, which sparked an argument with staff.

He claimed that the woman was denied access to the restroom due to turbulence and was later restrained.

She was arrested upon arrival at Mumbai Airport and taken to court.

image credit: Avionics International

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