Abu Dhabi introduces a new model for adopting children

Emirati families wishing to adopt children should adhere to the preparation programs of the new model released in Abu Dhabi. 

Department of Community Development (DCD) Chairman Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khailil said that the new model aims to raise awareness about the deprived children and give them proper support with a comfortable life. 

Likewise, Dr. Bushra Al Mulla, the executive director of DCD added that: “An integrated system will be developed according to best international practices and standards to organize the process of adopting children of different ages deprived of parental care by providing necessary support to Emirati families for adopting them, especially children of determination, and those aged two and above.”

The model will offer peer-to-peer support groups so potential families could meet with other families who have had similar experiences when adopting. It will also provide preparation programs for likely adoptive parents and existing family members.

The model will give ample support through peer-to-peer groups. Preparation programs will also include parental care for adapting parties and a complete integration program.

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