% Arabica opens at Zayed International Airport in Abu Dhabi

% Arabica, the globally renowned Japanese specialty coffee leader, proudly unveils its inaugural airport store within the duty-free zone of Zayed International Airport in Abu Dhabi. This extraordinary addition marks the 8th store in the capital and the 21st in the UAE, symbolizing % Arabica’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences to global travelers.

In harmony with % Arabica’s #Seetheworldthroughcoffee mission, the brand motto draws inspiration from Japan’s “Kenbun” concept, encapsulating the essence of travel. It reflects % Arabica’s dedication to establishing stores in iconic global destinations, enabling customers to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultures of cities like Abu Dhabi.

At the core of this venture is an innovative concept store, meticulously designed by Studio Precht. The unique circular store design pays homage to the joy of savoring freshly brewed coffee, echoing the comforting rim of a coffee cup. It embodies % Arabica’s commitment to providing exceptional coffee within warm and welcoming circles.

What sets this airport store apart is its seamless integration with Zayed International Airport’s cultural and architectural identity. Embracing the airport’s “pearl in the desert” design concept, inspired by Abu Dhabi’s rich heritage, the store features a shell-like curved roof and open, light-filled interiors.

The kiosk’s design effortlessly harmonizes with the airport’s aesthetics, boasting elegant wooden beams and a luminous white shell that radiates, enhancing the terminal’s atmosphere. Making a bold statement, the unmistakable rotating % symbol atop the kiosk pod serves as an iconic focal point for travelers. Providing the ultimate pre-departure sanctuary to savor % Arabica’s exceptional coffee, a bar with a panoramic view of the airport awaits, inviting customers to unwind, revitalize, and indulge before their onward journey.

% Arabica’s airport store at Zayed International Dhabi Airport is poised to redefine the coffee experience for travelers and locals alike, offering not just a cup of coffee but an immersive journey into the world of coffee, seamlessly merging with the architectural beauty of the airport itself.

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