Asia Cup cricket championship cements UAE’s status as a global sports hub

India’s opinion makers and media are acknowledging the UAE’s role as the world’s favourite sporting hub following the successful conclusion of the Asia Cup cricket championship at the Dubai International Stadium yesterday.

The Telegraph newspaper of Calcutta reported on Monday that with the Asia Cup 2022 matches, Sharjah Cricket Stadium has emerged as No.1 in the world, having hosted the highest number of international matches.

Until now, this pride of place was held by the Sydney Cricket Ground which had a record of 280 matches. Sharjah has now surpassed this figure.

Indian television channels carried clips of this landmark being celebrated in the presence of senior officials in charge of cricket in the UAE.

Sharjah is already in the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the highest number of One-Day International Cricket matches.

With the conclusion of Asia Cup 2022, the UAE has won second place in the number of times it has hosted this tournament. Bangladesh tops this list with five Asia Cups. The UAE has hosted it four times.

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