Boris Trupčević leads global beauty innovation powerhouse

Foreo, the innovation powerhouse packing high-end tech into hand-held at-home devices, has announced a big change in leadership at the beginning of 2021 appointing Boris Trupčević as the new CEO. 

The new Chief Executive Officer, a media expert with over 25 years of experience, will lead the company through its next phase of innovation, disrupting the status quo in the beauty category and beyond alongside Filip Sedic, the founder, and the primary inventor of Foreo’s award-winning product line. As the original inspiration behind the brand and its strategic vision, Sedic will ensure a smooth onboarding, and continue to support Foreo’s success in years to come, with focus on product development.

Boris Trupčević is a media expert, a long-time CEO, a former general manager of Styria Group Croatia and an active Board member at  International News Media Association. He has a strong product development background, he loves design, innovation, new technologies and all things digital.

In his professional journey, Boris was responsible for content, editorial, print/online products, digital operations, technology, sales and marketing. He executed an all-around digital transformation of his former company, while his products, campaigns, innovation initiatives and communication solutions have won more than 100 international awards. Full focus on digital transformation included extensive educational programs, employee training and founding a Data Science / Machine Learning team. Turnarounds and change management has been part of all of his jobs.


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