Burj Al Arab unveils newly-refurbished lobby with magnificent chandelier centerpiece

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Sans Souci, Czech designer and creator of glass lighting and architectural installations, unveils its latest lighting installation in the centre of Burj Al Arab’s new lobby in Dubai. The stunning chandelier was adapted from Sans Souci’s signature Symphony collection and is comprised of 210 crystal tubes, weighing around 450 kilograms. 

The installation seamlessly integrates heritage craftsmanship with the latest nano-technologies. Using cutting-edge techniques, each glass tube was coated in gold and engraved with a unique leaf motif taken from the luxury hotel’s wallpaper.  

Designed by KCA International for Jumeirah Group, the newly renovated Exit Lobby features the magnificent spiral chandelier as the bespoke centrepiece for the interior. The installation’s design plays with light to create a glowing piece of art in the heart of the new space. 

“Burj Al Arab is a globally-recognized symbol of Dubai and luxury so we were delighted to work on this project.” commented Elie El Khoury, Managing Director of Sans Souci Middle East. “We wanted to create a unique installation for the new interior that embodies the opulence of this iconic hotel.”  

Jiří Krišica Head of Design at Sans Souci, added “The core design for this piece is taken from our Symphony collection and we then worked with the design team to create a truly unique chandelier that highlights the stunning interiors of the hotel. The final effect is an installation that plays with light and shade, creating a beautiful focus for the space.”  

Burj Al Arab’s new Exit Lobby opens soon, and the space will be open to the public for the first time. This installation will add to the list of Sans Souci’s projects in the Middle East which includes the W Hotel The Palm, Waterfront Market, Central Park Towers in Dubai or Al Rayyan Hotel in Doha.  


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