BUSINESS PERSPECTIVES. Abduljalil Abdullah Alfahim: Emitari supporting expats

“Danas is a consultancy company which we started off from scratch and developed our first project, which is Marsa Mina. We run the business to support others and make them grow with the consultancies we give,” says Abduljalil Abdulla Abdul Jalil Mohamed Al Fahim, Emirati based in Abu Dhabi and CEO of Danas Business Consultancy.

Abduljalil came from a business family. When he finished secondary education in a French School in the UAE. He traveled to the UK to get his degree at Plymouth University. Upon graduating, he worked in the banking sector in Switzerland and had various experiences in the corporate world which honed his business and intercommunication skills. He speaks three languages.

“I came back to the United Arab Emirates to start my own business, applying the skills and knowledge I have accumulated over the years of studying and working.

“My drive to succeed and continuously learn along the way made me embark on this journey. I believe in the Abu Dhabi market and in promoting the economic sectors. For me, small to medium business enterprises are very important and I believe these sectors play a big role in the economy,” said Abduljalil

He said he has “learned to always stand back up no matter what happens to achieve my goal. 

“Life has taught me to bridge the gap.”

His advice? “Always go for your goals and achievements. Do not let anything get in the way.”

Working across a range of industries over the past decade, Abduljalil’s diverse career has seen him make great strides in sectors from banking and foreign languages to management and investment.

Passionate about helping Abu Dhabi reach new heights, a typical day at Abduljalil’s desk sees him make major corporate decisions, oversee Danas Business Consultancy’s overall operations, and manage its resources.

Abuduljalil wanted to give people a new reason to visit Abu Dhabi. He launched Marsa Mina at Zayed Port as a maritime-themed waterfront destination. The free-to-enter destination treats accessibility, community, and sustainability as its priorities. Constructed to be easily accessible to People of Determination, it also boasts an eco-friendly design. All the food and retail spaces at Marsa Mina have been built from upcycled shipping containers.

When Abduljalil isn’t at work, he enjoys horse riding, playing football, unwinding at the beach, and reading.

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