Chef Jefry Tobing, Chef Anaïs Foray unite for an exclusive four-hands culinary experience at Sofitel Dubai The Palm

As the EPICURE Culinary Month continues to delight the palates of food connoisseurs at Sofitel Dubai The Palm, a special culinary collaboration is set to take centre stage.

For one exclusive weekend, the resort’s celebration of gastronomic finesse will feature a remarkable Four-Hands Dinner by the Executive Chef at Sofitel Paris LeFaubourg, Chef Anaïs Foray and the property’s Chef De Cuisine, Chef Jefry Tobing in a spectacular showcase of culinary harmony.

This exceptional dining experience, reserved for the evenings of February 23rd and 24th, will see the harmonious blend of Chef Foray’s Parisian gastronomic elegance with Chef Tobing’s acclaimed culinary craft at the resort’s award-winning steakhouse, Porterhouse Steaks & Grills. Guests will have the privilege to indulge in a handpicked selection of dishes, available through both a thoughtfully composed five-course set menu and à la carte offerings. Each course is designed to be a testament to the chefs’ shared dedication to culinary excellence and to provide a memorable journey through the rich tapestry of French-inspired cuisine, tailored to captivate the sophisticated palate of Dubai’s gourmands.

Chef Jefry Tobing brings a philosophy to the table that is as simple as it is profound: “Cook with passion, and infuse each dish with memories that resonate.” His approach to the Four-Hands Dinner menu is a thoughtful blend of seasonality, high-quality ingredients, and personal inspiration. “This collaboration with Chef Anaïs is a canvas for creativity, an opportunity to merge diverse culinary narratives into a unified gastronomic experience,” Chef Tobing shares, reflecting the excitement and harmony in the kitchen.

Chef Anaïs Foray’s selection for the menu is a tribute to her rich culinary journey and a nod to the art of French cuisine. “The essence of our dishes lies in the freshness of the produce, tailored to Dubai’s climate, and the celebration of French culinary traditions,” she states. Emphasising the importance of seasonality and the influence of her global experiences, Chef Foray adds, “The Four-Hands Dinner is an exhilarating chance to showcase our shared passion for exceptional dining.”

● Porterhouse Steaks & Grills

● Friday, 23 February & Saturday, 24 February from 7:00 pm

● Special five-course set menu for Dhs295 per person (e-voucher price), Dhs350 per person (regular price)

Gift vouchers to experience all the EPICURE Culinary Month events can be purchased on the Sofitel Dubai The Palm website.

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