CUSI Films and Stills: Redefining Visual Storytelling with Passion and Innovation

In the fast-paced world of visual storytelling, where each frame holds a cherished memory, CUSI Films and Stills emerges as a beacon of creativity and excellence. Founded by the dynamic duo Janelli Rose Valdezco-Cusi and Rebo Mon Cusi, the company breathes life into moments, immortalizing them with the click of a shutter or the roll of a reel.

CUSI Films and Stills is not merely a photography and videography venture; it’s a testament to the power of passion and entrepreneurship. Janelli and Rebo, driven by a shared love for storytelling through visuals, embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary. Janelli’s experience as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), coupled with Rebo’s entrepreneurial spirit, laid the groundwork for their venture.

Janelli’s career spanned prestigious establishments, from ABS-CBN Film Productions to international platforms like YellowPages US and Okada Manila. Her expertise in media production, honed through diverse experiences, provided the foundation for CUSI Films and Stills. Meanwhile, Rebo’s entrepreneurial mindset, coupled with a keen understanding of the industry’s pulse, fueled their shared vision.

At CUSI Films and Stills, every frame tells a story—a story of love, joy, and cherished moments. Their expertise extends beyond traditional photography and videography, encompassing commercial short films that captivate audiences and live-streaming services that bridge distances.

Janelli and Rebo’s journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability, traits essential for navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. Technical challenges, a common hurdle in their field, are met with preparedness and perseverance. Their commitment to continuous learning and innovation ensures that CUSI Films and Stills remains at the forefront of the industry.

Beyond their own success, Janelli and Rebo aspire to empower others through education and employment opportunities. Their dedication to nurturing talent and fostering growth within their community exemplifies their ethos of giving back.

Reflecting on their journey, Janelli and Rebo emphasize the importance of resilience. Every setback is an opportunity to learn and grow. Technical glitches are met with practiced solutions, ensuring seamless operations and client satisfaction.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Janelli and Rebo offer a piece of timeless advice: find your “ikigai.” In the intersection of passion, skill, purpose, and profit lies the essence of entrepreneurial fulfillment. Take the time to explore your true calling, and build your venture around that foundation.

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