Deira Clock Tower in Dubai to undergo renovation while preserving historical significance

The Deira Clock Tower in Dubai will get a makeover in a few months that will update the famous landmark while keeping its historical and architectural value. The skyscraper has been a landmark in Dubai for more over 60 years, and many people may not be aware of its incredible past. Let’s examine some of the lesser-known details and unique images of the Deira Clock Tower in more detail.

The First Landing

At the confluence of Umm Hurair and Al Maktoum streets, the Deira Clock Tower served as the first land connection between Deira and Bur Dubai. Before the Dubai-Abu Dhabi Road was built, it was one of Dubai’s most significant intersections and the meeting place for the major roadways heading into the city. At that time, the roundabout served as a crucial link between the bustling city and the main roads that transported people and goods to their destinations. The clock tower was one of the first things people would see in 1960s and 1970s Dubai when there were no skyscrapers in the city’s skyline.

Powered by Modern Technology


The Deira Clock Tower is a lovely example of how tradition and contemporary technology can coexist. Despite being 60 years old, the iconic structure has a complex dial that is powered by cutting-edge technology. The Deira Clock Tower’s interior mechanisms use an astonishing array of GPS sensors, ensuring unmatched accuracy in timekeeping. The need for manual adjustments is no longer necessary because the sensors synchronize the clock with the global positioning system in real time, ensuring accuracy to the very second.

Making a Work of Art


The Deira Clock Tower was created by Emirati engineer Zaki Al Hamsi, who was also instrumental in establishing Dubai’s early architectural style. Al Hamsi’s architectural philosophy was one of openness, making sure that the clock tower wouldn’t obstruct the view of drivers coming from all sides. The tower’s first construction began in 1963 and took two phases to finish over a period of ten months.

Clock of the Gifted


The late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who was the ruler of Dubai at the time, is said to have received the clock in the middle of the Deira Clock Tower as a gift from the ruler of Qatar. The clock was brought over from Manchester, England, and it became an essential component of tower

Improve the Icon

The Deira Clock Tower will be updated by the Dubai Municipality while maintaining its historical and aesthetic value. A swankier water fountain and multicolored lights will be part of the landmark’s contemporary renovation, which will increase its impact. The Deira Clock Tower will stand as a testament to Dubai’s past and present for a number of generations to come thanks to its extensive history and state-of-the-art technology.

More than just a famous landmark, Dubai’s Deira Clock Tower bears witness to the city’s lengthy history and serves as a reminder of its steadfast resiliency. With the forthcoming modernization project, the tower will continue to stand the test of time and serve as a symbol of Dubai’s history, present, and future.

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