Dreams United: Anum Farooq’s Journey of Making Others’ Dreams Come True

Anum Farooq creates a weaving of different roles throughout her life path, a light of creativity and compassion. Her story is one of unwavering determination, fiery creativity, and a desire to making the world a better place.

Anum’s academic endeavors have been diverse, ranging from Enfield County School through Imperial College London and her continuing enrolment at ADU. Her educational journey illustrates her drive to embrace the breadth of knowledge, as she graduated with a degree in Biochemistry with Management and subsequently going into Educational Leadership.

Anum’s diverse career began early at the age of fifteen with an initial experience of being a medical receptionist at a London doctor’s surgery.  This experience helped Anum develop a strong sense of service. She held a variety of positions throughout the years, including pharmacy counter assistant and library assistant, as well as completing an internship at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, working whilst also studying. She then formally entered the field of international education. Her desire for mentoring and all-encompassing education was influenced by these formative experiences, which prepared her for her current positions as an educator and artist.

She is a creative person whose work meaningfully explores humanity and faith-based perspectives inspired by both the natural world and real-world events. Her work has won accolades from all around the world, including the RAK Fine Arts Festival 2023 Poetry Award in the UAE and the 2023 Artistic Excellence Award from the Circle Foundation for the Arts in Greece, as well as a recent award of Exceptional Merit in the 4th edition of the Global Talent Art Prize from the UK. In 2022, she was longlisted for the Digital Innovation in Art Award.

She has a strong commitment to social change and activism outside of her professional positions. She promotes compassion via art and wants to bring together women all around the world with her initiative “Women’s Destiny: The Kindness Legacy.” Her grassroots organization, Odyssey Global Media, demonstrates her dedication to empowering people in their own right.

Anum’s upbringing in both communal and individualistic civilizations had a significant impact on her view on life. She discovered throughout her voyage that the secret to relating to people of different cultures and viewpoints is genuine compassion and authentic trust.

“I believe dreams are a life long journey, it’s nice to have our dreams come true, but in a quirky way, I think it’s even more wonderful to help the dreams of others come true,” Anum shares, encapsulating her core philosophy.

Anum finds peace and a sense of grounding in nature despite her varied explorations in a wide array of professional and creative arena. She finds herself and her purpose there, in this haven. Her dedication to art, advocacy, mentoring, education and family has shaped her life. Anum has a desire of creating a caring learning environment where she can help everyone, she comes in contact with so they are empowered to reach their aspirations.

The life of Anum Farooq is one of unceasing development, genuineness, and unflinching compassion. Her story exemplifies the idea that ambitions may come true via both personal accomplishment and raising the aspirations of others. Anum keeps making a lasting impression on the globe as she navigates the intersections of advocacy, art, and education, showing us that our individuality and compassion have the potential to change people’s lives.

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